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11 July 1959
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Where to start? Happily married to the woman I met while we ran a follow spot for a production of Jesus Christ Superstar… Happiest Day of my Life - My wedding day followed closely by the births of my three sons…I have lived all over - 12 states and three foreign countries…I love theater and enjoy doing tech work- especially designing sets…I have stood in the African bush 20 feet from a young bull elephant.. I have watched monkeys trying to break in hotel rooms...I’ve stood in the middle of a herd of Cape buffalo and watched the ranger disperse them with a few grumbling sounds...I have sat on the top of my rental car taking pictures of a Rhino family in Zimbabwe…I have watched refugees fleeing ethnic cleansing cross the border into Tanzania and spent the night in a refugee camp…I have visited an AIDS Support Center in Uganda…If you can’t tell, I spent a lot of time in Africa and Loved IT!! I have spent a night looking over the scariest place on earth – the DMZ in Korea…I have taught classes at UF in the ROTC Department and guest taught classes about Africa in elementary and middle schools…I’ve slid down hills on cardboard boxes and fed my friends pickles on my front porch step.. I’ve played softball in the desert while tortoises mated in the outfield behind me… I’ve played with my kids in the rain and had tree fall on my house….